Honda airbag

Honda Malaysia has issued a statement confirming another Takata airbag-related fatality, when a Takata single stage (SDI) driver’s airbag inflator in a 2009 Honda City ruptured during a crash in Johor on September 24, 2016, resulting in the tragic death of the driver. No official cause of death has been yet determined.

The vehicle involved in this crash was included in a Malaysian product recall announced on July 10, 2015, requiring replacement of the single-stage SDI driver’s front airbag inflator. A notification letter was sent out to the owner related to the recall, but the company’s records indicate that the recall repair was never completed.

The vehicle involved in this crash was also included in the Takata single stage (SPI) passenger’s front airbag inflator recall announced on June 23, 2016. Honda has confirmed that the passenger’s airbag inflator did not rupture while it deployed, and functioned in a proper manner during the crash.

The company says it is communicating with the authorities and representative of the driver’s family. Out of respect for the family, Honda will not provide any personal information. It added that the current selling line-up of Honda models do not have the same type of Takata airbag inflators as previous models affected by the recall/s.


Honda Malaysia continues to urge owners of Honda vehicles affected by the Takata front airbag inflator product recall to get their vehicles repaired at Honda authorised dealers as soon as possible. Vehicle owners can check their vehicles’ product recall status at or or call Honda Malaysia’s toll free number at 1-800-88-2020 or visit any Honda authorised dealers.

The company added that it has enforced its notification activities on Takata front airbag inflator recalls via press releases, advertisements, inclusion in roadshows, personal calls and SMS, as well as direct mails, to keep customers informed and urge affected customers to do the replacements.

To date, it has issued more than 735,400 letters to affected customers, sent 35,800 emails to owners, phoned more than 54,000 customers and sent 730,000 SMS messages to owners. Additionally, it has also invested in a public advertising campaign, organised outreach campaigns and issued notices on its official website to ensure that all Honda customers are aware of the recall.

The company has also been increasing its activities for airbag inflator replacement enhancement, which include improving stock availability, and increasing service capacity via Service Central Hubs, Mobile Hubs and prioritising replacement activities at dealerships.


In August, Honda Malaysia announced it had secured 100% of Takata driver front airbag inflators and as of September 27, the company has completed the replacement of more than 157,000 units of Takata driver front airbag inflator, which translates to a 60% completion ratio. For the City model, Honda Malaysia has completed about 33,600 units of Takata driver front airbag inflator, with a 66% completion ratio.

As of September 27, the Northern (Penang), Southern (Johor) and Central (Selangor) Service Centre Hubs (SCH) as well as Mobile Hubs (MH) have completed the replacement of more than 10,800 Takata front airbag inflators in affected Honda vehicles. In all, the total number of Takata front airbag inflator replacement jobs that have been completed stands at more than 211,000 units, or a 54% completion ratio.

Once again, please check if your Honda vehicle is affected at and take immediate action if a recall has been issued.