Honda airbag

Honda Malaysia has issued an update on the stock availability and service capacity relating to its ongoing Takata front airbag inflator recall programme. The company assures its customers that it is doing everything in its capacity to meet the demand for airbag inflators, including expanding its supply from other suppliers like Daicel, Autoliv and TRW.

The company says it has issued more than 240,000 letters to customers, sent 35,000 emails to owners, phoned more than 2,000 customers and sent SMS messages to more than 126,000 customers. Additionally, it has also invested in a public advertising campaign, organised outreach campaigns and issued notices on its official website to ensure that all Honda customers are aware of the recall.

Honda Malaysia has come up with a couple of graphics to explain how the process flow works for airbag inflator replacement, one for affected customers who have received a letter from the company, and the other for those who didn’t receive one.

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On the matter of parts supply and stock availability, the company says it is working with Takata Corp to increase the supply of replacement parts. As of last week, replacement parts for front driver airbag inflators have started arriving, and will be delivered to dealers nationwide. According to the company, it will have 100% stock availability for front driver airbag inflators by mid-August 2016.

Meanwhile, for front passenger airbag inflators, the company says it is unable to provide a clear indication on when it will be able to secure 100% stock availability in Malaysia. This is due to the shortage of replacements parts, a problem experienced globally since May 2016.

As such, there is a possibility that vehicles that require both the front driver- and passenger-side airbag inflators to be replaced may not be able to have them changed together, due to the low availability of the replacement parts.

Honda Malaysia will also reduce its preventive maintenance intake at its dealers to 50% from July 20. In cases where the company cannot meet the maintenance schedules of certain cars, it will extend the maintenance period, and this will be reflected accordingly in the warranty period of the cars involved.

Takata Honda NSX

Furthermore, the company will open three temporary central hubs to further increase the capacity for airbag inflator replacement. The hubs will operate seven days a week to ensure that dealers are well supported when it comes to replacement units.

Mobile hubs will also be established nationwide for customers to reach servicing locations, and to ensure a faster and easier airbag inflator replacement process. The locations and details of both the temporary and mobile hubs will be announced soon.

Honda Malaysia added that it continues to urge owners of Honda vehicles affected by the Takata airbag inflator product recall to get their vehicles repaired at authorised dealers as soon as possible. Vehicle owners can check their vehicles’ product recall status via the company’s online VIN checker or call the company’s hotline number at 1-800-88-2020 for information, or visit any Honda authorised dealers.