To cater to the burgeoning market for small-displacement scooters, motorcycle giants Honda and Yamaha have entered discussions for a possible manufacturing collaboration. Intended to cater to the Japanese “Class-1” category – covering scooters with 50 cc engine displacement or 0.06 kW electric motors – the partnership is meant to produce products for the short-range urban personal transport market.

Targetted to begin distribution at the end of 2018, Honda will supply 50 cc scooters to Yamaha as an OEM. Currently in Honda’s catalogue as the TACT and Giorno, which are sold only in the Japanese domestic market, Yamaha will rebrand these scooters as the Yamaha JOG and Vino.

In addition to this, Honda and Yamaha will jointly develop 50 cc “business scooters” for the Japan market. Designed to cater to small businesses in dense urban areas for delivery of goods and services, the new business scooter will be called the Benly and Gear, under Honda and Yamaha, respectively.

The collaboration will also see the development of an electric scooter under the Class-1 classification, with the definition of issues concerning electric vehicles, such as range, power, charging time, performance and cost. This will see Honda and Yamaha sharing developments with other motorcycle manufacturers to promote the electrification of motorcycles.

Honda EV-Neo electric scooter

Honda Giorno