As part of BMW’s Lifestyle range of products, the BMW i8 special edition – recently premiered at the Paris Motorshow – gets a limited Cruise e-Bike that matches its Protonic Dark Silver paint scheme. Priced at 3,500 euro (RM16,224), the Cruise e-Bike comes with bright Electric Blue rims to complement the frame.

A “hybrid drive” – basically a bicycle with bottom bracket mounted electric motor – powers the Cruise e-Bike with a 400 Wh battery. Called the “Performance Line” drive, there are four different power modes available from “Eco”, which adds a 50% boost to the rider’s power, up to “Turbo” that gives a 275% gain.

Top speed of the e-Bike is 25 km/h with electrical pedal assistance. In addition to this, 10-speed gearing allows riders to tackle steep slopes or for sprinting. Each Cruise e-Bike comes with a certificate and special badge, and production is limited to 300 units. The e-Bike is available from selected BMW retail partners.