Unveiled at the CEATEC Japan 2016 show in Tokyo, this little electric car is one of the largest products made in Japan using 3D printing technology. The Micro Commuter is a joint effort by Honda and Kabuku Inc, and it will be used by cookie maker Toshimaya to deliver its famous (and very cute) ‘Hato Sable’ dove-shaped shortbread.

Based on the Variable Design Platform idea, the Micro Commuter uses a chassis constructed from Honda’s rigid but lightweight pipe frame structure, and 3D printing techniques have been used to create the exterior panels and luggage space. No mould needed, faster development time. Check out the neat detailing on the rear hatch that matches the cookies.

It’s powered by Honda’s Micro EV technology, designed for short-range trips of up to approximately 80 km. Top speed is 70 km/h. Charging time is under three hours using AC200V and under seven hours on AC100V. What’s unique compared to Honda’s existing pocket-sized EV is that this delivery car has only one seat for the driver, maximising space for the sweet treats.

Toshimaya, based in Kamakura, has to face the challenge of narrow roads in its home delivery business, and the 600 kg Micro Commuter – 2,495 mm in length and just 1,280 mm wide – should be perfect for the task. I’ll try to spot one the next time visiting Japan, and sample the Hato Sabure as well.