As befits a brand new executive sedan, the G30 BMW 5 Series is awash with new features and technologies. One of these is the revised iDrive interface, showcased in the video above.

The new design is a subtle evolution of the one on the 7 Series, which already heralded a comprehensive revision to the infotainment system. Much like its larger sibling, the 5 Series has a home screen with tiles of icons arranged in a horizontal fashion, but these now have snippets of live information embedded in them.

These widgets now allow the driver to quickly glance at data such as fuel consumption, weather and the map without having to delve into the individual menus. The tiles can also be rearranged to suit the driver’s preference, much like a smartphone. As on the 7 Series, the centre display can be operated via touch, gestures or the traditional iDrive rotary controller.

Other new features on the infotainment system include industry-first wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity, as well as Qi wireless smartphone charging in the centre console.

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