After a gruelling 75 hours and 58 minutes, 38-year-old Singaporean Sunawr Ali S/O Idris Ali has emerged as the champion of the MediaCorp Subaru Car Challenge 2016. Success came to Sunawr Ali in his twelfth time competing, and with it, he brings home a brand-new Subaru XV 1.6i-S worth SGD69,600 (RM209,494), without Certificate of Entitlement (COE).

Coming in a close second is Analiza Bte Mokhtar, who finished second in 2014, with a time of 75 hours and 57 minutes, while Alex Neblasca from the Philippines dropped out at 73 hours and 50 minutes. Each will take home cash prizes worth SGD5,000 (RM15,050) and SGD2,000 (RM6,027), respectively.

“I’m very happy that 12-time contestant Ali has finally taken home the prize. He has demonstrated sheer grit, endurance and determination from start to finish, in both his 12-year quest for the grand prize, and also for the past 75 hours and 58 minutes during the challenge. He told me that this will be his last challenge win or lose and I’m glad that it has ended on a high note for him.” said Glenn Tan executive director at Tan Chong International.


Despite the erratic weather conditions over the past four days, all participants continued to keep their palms on Subaru vehicles for the longest time possible, with only a short break every few hours for refreshments or a trip to the washroom.

As for the list country winners, Malaysian Tan Chuan Kok clocked out after 56 hours and 45 minutes, while Pham Duc Nhan from Vietname was the only other participant to cross the 70-hour mark, joining the top three finishers. Each country winner will walk away with a cash prize of SGD1,000 (RM3,010), while the contestant awarded the Asian Winner title (Alex Neblasca), walked away with an additional SGD5,000 (RM15,050) cash.