As the definitive dual-purpose overlander motorcycle, BMW Motorrad’s GS-series machines set the standard for other manufacturers. For next year, it has raised the travel-enduro bike bar with the 2017 BMW R1200 GS.

While the R1200 GS boxer engine’s output remains unchanged for 2017, with 125 hp at 7,750 rpm and 125 Nm torque at 6,500 rpm, the power plant sees the installation of a new catalytic convertor and engine management software to let it comply with the Euro 4 emissions standard that kicks in next year.

This is in addition to a judder damper on the transmission output shaft and revised drum actuator and transmission shafts, which were a 2016 update. The R1200 GS now gets Riding Modes Pro – activated by use of a coded dongle – along with Hill Start Control, ABS Pro and a dynamic brake light.


Suspension on the BMW R1200 GS is also new for 2017, with automatic damping and automatic self-levelling suspension, dubbed BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA Next Generation. This optional item automatically adapts to the situation depending on riding condition and manoeuvres.

Another optional suspension item is the BMW Motorrad Rallye package – an ex-works option. The package installs springs with an increased spring rate, longer sprint struts and extended spring travel, for those really tough overland journeys.

Aerodynamics is another area that sees improvement on the 2017 R1200 GS, with design changes to the front mudguard and centre of the front wheel cover. Small slipstream deflectors known as winglets improve air deflection, and trim of the air intake and the side fuel tank trim panels have been redesigned.

Two paint schemes adorn the BMW R1200 GS for 2017. These are the Rallye scheme, which uses Lupine Blue Metallic, BMW Motorsport colours in Art Deco style with a Cordoba Blue frame and Black drivetrain, while the Exclusive which has fuel tank side trim panels come in Monolith metallic matte with clear over-painted deco elements.

The R1200 GS Exclusive’s front wheel splash guard and central fuel tank cover are painted in Iced Chocolate metallic with the frame finished in Agate Grey metallic matte. To add some contrast to the Exclusive paint scheme, the drivetrain is painted black, while gold-finished brake calipers add a winsome look.