The United States officially has a new president, with Donald Trump set to occupy the White House when he is sworn in on January 20, 2017. Aside from being handed the keys to the Oval Office, he will also get a brand-new limousine as well.

Seen here is the replacement for President Obama’s armoured car known as “The Beast,” which is built by General Motors. The vehicle has been in development for more than two years, and although camouflaged here, it will likely wear the Cadillac badge on its new front grille, which appears to be influenced by the XT5 and CT6. Slimmer headlights are also visible here, a departure from the previous car’s DTS design reference.

Even with the exterior visual changes, the limo will likely retain the outgoing version’s seating arrangement, which is a 2+3+2 layout. Autoweek reports that the new “Beast” may gain adaptive suspension on top of items such as heavy armour and other emergency security features. The former will help it withstand a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) hit or improvised explosive device (IED) blast.

Meanwhile, Fox News noted that the car’s exact specifications remain a mystery for obvious reasons, but it will ride on a heavy-duty truck platform, reportedly weighing in between 6,804 kg and 9,072 kg. The cars are also said to cost about USD1.5 million (RM6,600,075) each, while the development cost paid by GM is around USD15.8 million (RM69,520,790).

Like the outgoing car which made its debut during Obama’s inauguration in 2009, the new “Beast” is expected to be revealed during Trump’s swearing in as the 45th POTUS next year. What do you think of the new “Beast”?