Riding gear is important for rider safety, and to that end, Dainese has updated their Laguna Seca D1 racing suit and Race Pro In racing gloves. As purveyor of premium racing and riding gear to world champions, Dainese products tend to be on the high-end of pricing.

This is reflected in the Laguna Seca D1 suit, which is made from Tutu leather, which is Dainese’s name for cowhide that’s been treated for some weather and abrasion resistance. Bi-elastic fabric is used at areas where movement and stretch is required, such as the elbows, back of the knees, and neck.

A change from the previous version of the Laguna Seca suit is the substition of aluminium for titanium for the shoulder slider inserts, while the elbow sliders remain as titanium. All inner protectors use Pro Shape protectors, which are certified to EN 1621.1, while the suit is CE-certified for abrasion resistance.

Perforations are provided for the front of the Laguna Seca D1 suit, along with an aerodynamic hump on the back and removable knee and elbow sliders. The Nanofeel full inner liner is removable for washing, and the Dainese Malaysia store also provides a cleaning service for Dainese leathers.

No back protector is supplied with the suit, and is an extra-cost item. There are three colours available – Black/Black/White, Black/Black/Sky-blue and Black/White/Fluo-red (pictured). Retail price for the Laguna Seca D1 is RM5,299.

Give yourself a hand if you ride with gloves all the time. Often overlooked by many riders, gloves are essential for making sure your hands still look like hands after a fall. For those looking for hand protection, take a gander at the Dainese Race Pro In gloves.

Made from a mix of cowhide and goatskin leather, the Race Pro In gloves are designed to fit inside the cuffs of a racing suit, and the glove cuff has a hook-and-loop attachment to facilitate this. A singe leather panel to the outside of the hand and reinforced stitching with thermoplastic inserts on the palm keeps everything safe.

Fingers are pre-curved to give the most comfortable hand position on the grips, with a tightening strap on the wrist to ensure the glove doesn’t come off. Composite inserts in preformed stainless steel and thermoplastic resin on the knuckles and back provide more protection.

You can get the Dainese Race Pro In gloves in three colours – Black/Blue/Fluo-red (pictured), Black/Fluo-red/White and all-Black. The gloves are available at the Dainese store and authorised dealers at RM1,299.