Visibility is key to safety on the road, and to that end 3M Malaysia has launched the Diamond Grade DG3 range of conspicuity markings. As the name suggests, the exterior reflective stickers are designed to improve the visibility of commercial vehicles. This comes ahead of the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) ruling that all commercial vehicles must use SIRIM-certified lorry marking reflective stickers, effective January 1, 2017.

“As a world leader in reflective sheeting technology and innovation, 3M is uniquely positioned to support government efforts in reducing accidents on the road. Beginning with reflective road signages, we have also made lorry marking reflective stickers available here in Malaysia,” said GT Lim, general manager for 3M’s safety and graphic business group.


According to 3M, the visual information received by the human eye is greatly diminished at night – only five percent is perceived compared to what is seen in daylight. In the night visibility simulation above, the reflector on the left is the 3M product, while on the right is an unspecified, non-compliant reflective sticker.

The Diamond Grade conspicuity markings will be available for purchase from January, at major Puspakom centres nationwide, according to 3M Malaysia. Prices start from RM60-70 for a pair of stickers measuring 600 mm long by 150 mm wide, with 150 mm-wide diagonal bands. At launch, there are five types of sticker in varying sizes.