For the sixth year running, BMW Motorrad has recorded a sales increase, this time by 5.9%. This translates to a total of 145,032 motorcycles and scooters sold throughout the world in 2016, up from 136,963 units the previous model year of 2015.

“For the sixth time in succession we have been able to set a new sales record. I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all our customers worldwide for the enormous trust they have placed in us,” said Stephan Schaller, president of BMW Motorrad. He said sales had grown in volume by about 50% from 2010, when 98,047 motorcycles were delivered.

The European market recorded the biggest sales volume for BMW Motorrad, its home market of Germany leading with 24,894 units sold, up by 4.5%. In Spain, 9,520 bikes were sold, an increase of 19.4%, and Italians bought 12,300 BMW motorcycles, an increase of 10.3%, with Europe as a whole showing 7.5% market growth.

In Asia, China leads the region’s demand for BMW Motorrad machines, with sales increasing to 52.7% over the previous year, or 4,580 units. Thailand and Japan also added to BMW’s order books, with Thailand showing sales were up 42.1% from previously, selling 1,819 units.

For Malaysia, BMW Motorrad sold 1,004 motorcycles in 2016, which contributed to BMW Group Malaysia’s total growth of 16% from last year. This figure is the highest increase ever for the brand in Malaysia.

As can be expected, BMW Motorrad’s best seller is the boxer-engine ‘R’-series, claiming 53.6% of its sales volume, which equals 77,787 units. Of these, the R 1200 GS and GS Adventure sold 25,336 units and 21,391 units, respectively, with the R 1200 RT tourer trailing behind wth 9,648 units.

On the sports side of things, the ‘S’-series four-cylinder motorcycles sold 23,686 units, representing 16.3% of BMW Motorrad’s sales volume. Of this, the S 1000 RR superbike sold 9,016 units, while the dual-purpose touring S 1000 XR sold 8,835 units.

Speaking of Motorrad’s plans for 2017, Schaller said the company would be offering 14 new or revised models. These include the G310 GS in the second half of 2017, as well as the R nineT variants – “Pure”, “Racer” and “Urban G/S”, along with a refreshed base model R nineT.

There is also a new R 1200 GS in the offing, and this new model will be followed by a new S 1000 R and K 1600 GT and GTL tourers. Targetted specifically for the US market is the K 1600 B, a bagger style tourer.

Other plans for 2017 include expanding its worldwide dealer network, especially in Asia, where there plans to increase the total to 1,500 individual dealers. BMW Motorrad aims to increase sales volume to 200,000 units for 2017, a target Schaller says is achievable with its exceptional model offensive.