Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) has announced that its intercity rail services in the East Coast is facing disruptions. Continuous heavy rain in the flood-affected area has affected the track at Km392.5 between Bukit Abu and Dabong, Kuala Krai, making the route inaccessible since Saturday night.

It added that all train services between Dabong-Kuala Krai-Dabong have been suspended since yesterday, and that shuttle train services will only operate between Kuala Lipis-Dabong and Kuala Krai-Tumpat. Work on repairing the track is underway, the rail operator said via a ststement.

As such, the Expres Timuran service no. 26 (JB Sentral-Tumpat) is only available from JB Sentral to Gua Musang station, and passengers will continue their journey from Gua Musang station to Kuala Krai, Tanah Merah, Pasir Mas, Tumpat and Wakaf Bharu using buses provided by KTM, while passengers heading on to Dabong station will use a local train.

As for Expres Timuran no. 27 (Tumpat-JB Sentral), passengers taking the train from Tumpat will have to disembark at Kuala Krai station and switch to travelling by bus to Gua Musang, where their journey to JB Sentral will continue with a connecting train at Gua Musang.

Apologising for the inconvenience, KTM says passengers can expect to face a delay exceeding two hours, but adds that it hopes to have services back to normal by Friday.