Eight automakers have taken their places in the top 100 spots out of the Brand Finance Global 500 most valuable brands of 2016. The values of the brands in its league tables are calculated by estimating the likely future sales attributable to a brand, and calculating a royalty rate that would be charged for the use of the brand, according to Brand Finance.

Starting off the automotive presence in the top 100 with eighth place is Hyundai, with a brand value of US$19.975 billion (RM88.489 billion), despite posting a 16% drop in brand value from 2016. Next up in seventh is Honda, posting a 10% increase over 2016’s figures for a value of US$21.318 billion (RM94.439 billion), despite a three position drop from last year’s overall Brand Finance ranking.

Sole American automaker Ford arrives in sixth place with a value of US$22.432 billion (RM99.374 billion), a 13% increase over 2016, though the Blue Oval’s overall ranking is unchanged at 46. Next up is Nissan, followed by Volkswagen, which appears to be rebounding quickly this year despite the struggles of 2016 with a 32% increase, placing the Wolfsburg-based automaker at 41 on the overall chart with a value of US$25 billion (RM111 billion).

Taking the slot in between third and fourth is Mitsubishi. Why in-between? This particular ranking is for the Mitsubishi Group, which covers a wide-ranging portfolio including heavy industries, financial services and aviation to name just a few. Mitsubishi Motors, on the other hand, failed to make the top 100. Taking third place is Mercedes-Benz valued at US$35.544 billion (RM157.798 billion), an increase of 11% over last year.

Coming in at 17th on the overall list is BMW, making it the 2nd highest ranked auto brand valued at US$37.124 billion (RM164.812 billion), which represented a two-place drop in overall ranking despite a 6% increase in brand value. Capping the auto brands lot is Toyota, with a total brand value of US$46.255 billion (RM205.349 billion) thanks to a 7% increase over last year, though Toyota’s overall ranking fell one place to 12th this year.

Honourable mention goes to Uber, though it is, strictly speaking, an auto brand not in the business of manufacturing. The ride-sharing service was valued at US$14.596 billion (RM64.799 billion) this year, moving up 16 spots on the overall chart from 2016 with a 32% increase.