Many owners of BMW Motorrad machines, notably GS riders, tend to take the road less travelled, and to that end, the Navigator VI – available from March 2017 – will allow bikers to do just that. This navigation system comes with a 5-inch LCD display that has a polarisation filter, allowing for better legibility and readability under harsh sunlight.

While some might say, “why bother with a dedicated navigation system when a smartphone will do?”, it might be worth remembering that phone services and wi-fi are not necessarily available everywhere, especially off the beaten track. New for the Navigator VI is a “winding roads” route option for by-passing built-up areas, as well an an “avoid main roads” and “avoid highways” option.

Smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth is available, allowing the rider to stream and control playback of music content. Action cams that are compatible with the system can also be controlled using the Navigator VI.

Controls that are typically needed while riding can be enabled using either the four-button mount cradle or the multi-controller on the handlebars, depending on model. Updates on road conditions, traffic jams and the like can be updated in real time using the Garmin Smartphone app.

Two Navigator VI models are available – the 8 GB or 16 GB version which comes pre-loaded with maps for the European Union (EU), and the 4 GB model which does not contain any maps. No word on pricing from BMW Motorrad as yet for the Navigator VI, which will be sold alongside the previous generation Navigator V.