The rollout of the facelifted 991-generation Porsche 911 has yet to be completed (we still haven’t seen the hardcore GT3 and GT3 RS versions), and already Zuffenhausen’s engineers are at work on the next-generation model, seen here in photos snapped by our European spies.

At first blush, the new rear-engined sports car appears to be a mild evolution of the current 991, with similar proportions, surfacing and detailing, but there have been several minute changes to the design. At the front, the bonnet made longer to be parallel with the bumper shutline.

This, together with the redesigned headlights (now fully integrated into the fenders) and twin bonnet strakes, give the car an appearance closer to its classic forebears, in particular the 964. The air intakes, meanwhile, look to be similar to the facelifted 991, but that could be down to the disguise applied.

Around the side, the door handles have been redesigned to sit flush, while at the rear, the active spoiler is now a full-width unit, giving the 911 an almost 959-like look with it up. The tail lights are joined together by a horizontal lamp bar (likely a Carrera 4 and 4S-only flourish, as with the current 991), and the twin/quad exhaust exits (depending on the model) now sit further apart.

The new 911 will likely sit on the same basic platform as the 991, albeit with major modifications – much like the 997 was a significantly revised 996. The engine should remain the same twin-turbo 3.0 litre flat-six introduced on the facelifted 991, but boosted for more power; naturally-aspirated GT3 and GT3 RS should follow suit later on. Seven-speed manual and PDK dual-clutch transmissions will likely be offered.

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