In its latest move, Tesla Motors will be further fortifying its human resource with the hiring of Chris Lattner, who will become Tesla’s vice president of Autopilot software. This follows 11 years at tech giant Apple where he was responsible for Swift, the programming language for the creation of apps on Apple platforms.

Lattner replaces Jinnah Hosein, who in addition to leading the Autopilot software division, doubled as vice president of software at SpaceX; Hosein will now focus on his role at the aerospace company, though Tesla has not specified when Lattner will commence work with the company.

With the latest version of its autonomous system being tested in the first 1,000 cars installed with new hardware, the latest Autopilot software will initially be limited to usage at low speeds, as Tesla wants more data gathered before the system is fully available to owners of the electric automaker’s newer models.

This latest hire indicates Tesla is as serious as ever about the development of its Autopilot functions, and though it has sparked controversy due to fatalities with the system engaged, it has also demonstrated its worth in avoiding an imminent collision.