Shell Malaysia has introduced a new engine oil tailored for older, high mileage vehicles. Its Shell Helix High Mileage 15W-50 synthetic technology engine oil is said to offer customised protection for engines, especially those with more than 100,000 km on the odometer.

The new oil has been specially formulated to address common problems in high mileage cars such as a dirty engine, reduced engine performance and oil leaks from worn seals, gaskets and parts. Its thicker formulation helps prevent oil leaks from ageing seals and gaskets and worn parts.

The oil is said to have exceptional low evaporation loss to reduce oil consumption and great oxidation stability, to prevent oil ageing and burn-off. Specially formulated with Flexi Molecule Technology, the company says that Shell Helix High Mileage offers up to 40% better wear protection to help prolong engine life.

The formulation’s proprietary Active Cleansing Technology also results in a cleaner engine by preventing the accumulation of sludge and other damaging deposits, and has been proven to be able to help remove up to 34% of sludge in the first oil change, on average.

The recommended retail price of a four-litre pack of the new Shell Helix High Mileage is RM148 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM150 in Sabah and Sarawak. A one-litre pack retails for RM40 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM41 in Sabah and Sarawak.

In conjunction with the launch, customers who select Shell Helix High Mileage 15W-50 for an oil change service at participating workshops will enjoy RM25 off for every four-litre pack from the invoiced amount. The promotion runs from March 15 until May 15.