During the launch of the 2017 Honda City facelift today, Honda Malaysia (HMSB) disclosed its recent sales performance up until now (January-February), where it managed to sell 16,287 units (8,594 units in Jan and 7,693 units in Feb).

The result represents a major improvement from the same period last year, whereby the company sold 11,360 units (5,744 units in Jan and 5,616 units in Feb). HMSB has stated it is confident it will hit its 100,000 unit sales target given this encouraging performance.

January 2017 also marked HMSB’s highest-ever domestic market share in the country – 19.2%. More impressively, the figure is the largest (within each country) among all of Honda’s global operations, according to HMSB.

The company ended last year with a sales figure totaling 91,830 units, with a 15.8% domestic market share – the second highest market (within each country) among Honda’s global operations.