Karim Habib has been named chief designer for Infiniti effective July 1 this year, according to Automotive New Europe. Habib, formerly global design chief at BMW, will replace Alfonso Albaisa, who is promoted to Nissan global design; Habib will thus report to Albaisa.

Habib will be based in Nissan’s technical centre in Atsugi, Japan, and is tasked with leading Infiniti’s design teams in Japan, Beijing, San Diego and London. Habib joined BMW in 1998 before departing for a stint with Mercedes-Benz’s advanced design division from 2008 to 2010, before taking back the design reins at the Bavarian automaker in 2012.

Taking Habib’s place at BMW under group design chief Adrian van Hooydonk is Jozef Kaban, who joins from the Volkswagen Group with a portfolio notably including the Bugatti Veyron. Kaban’s last position was head of design at Skoda.