The Mercedes-AMG GT four-door concept made its debut at Geneva recently, bringing EQ Power+ branding and the accompanying electrification of high-performance models heralded by this year’s Mercedes-AMG W08 F1 racer.

Much of the four-door GT’s exterior details remain concealed beneath the foil, but at its front are headlamps which appear to follow the outline of those on the GT Concept show car. Its LED daytime running lights form a more simplified ‘C’ profile compared to the more ornate pattern on the Geneva concept, and while also concealed, the recent AMG GT’s trademark upright grille slats are expected to feature in front.

Exact measurements are yet to be confirmed, though the test mule here casts a considerable shadow, as did the Geneva show car. Apparently, this new model will indirectly replace the niche CLS Shooting Brake, which will be discontinued by the Stuttgart manufacturer.

As expected, the four-door GT adopts a conventional pair of side mirrors in place of the GT Concept’s small, fender-mounted rear-view cameras. Towards the back, its low bootlid appears to be shrouded in camouflage, while a pair of dual exhaust tips flank a much more modest rear bumper, minus the show car’s imposing rear diffuser and central exhaust exit.

The GT Concept arrived in Geneva boasting a total system output of 815 hp from a 4.0 twin-turbocharged V8 with an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The latter will be constantly charged to always have “the full amount of electric power available,” according to Mercedes-AMG. Expect this to be toned down for the production version, perhaps closer to the 500/600 hp mark.

GALLERY: Mercedes-AMG GT Concept