Dun speeding and potong Q when raining. part 1

Posted by Mandy Geh on 20hb Mac 2017

Rain and water present an additional hazard to driving on public roads, due to reduced visibility and compromised grip. It is the latter which manifests itself in the video here, where the driver of an old Honda City appears to have lost control of the vehicle after hitting some standing water.

Some lessons to be learnt here: drive to the conditions of the road – slowing down for adverse weather gives the driver more time to react to urgent situations, and in this case slowing down could well have reduced the likelihood and effects of aquaplaning (when tyres lose contact with the road surface as they hit standing water at speed).

This appears to have been the case with the car depicted, where the occurrence seems to have jolted the driver into making sudden, evasive countermeasures – the driver may have added steering angle towards the right when grip was lost, and when the car’s tyres regained grip, the steering pitched the car acutely towards the kerb on the left.

Posted by CT Koay on 20hb Mac 2017

Here, the presence of electronic stability control (ESC) would have been invaluable, as the vehicle’s onboard computer would determine the best amount of individual wheel braking to apply in order to counteract the sudden spikes of understeer and/or oversteer. Absent from the older Honda City, the driver had no access to such assistance.

While there is no guarantee that the presence of ESC could have avoided the accident entirely, it would have, at the very least, minimised the effects of aquaplaning to give full control back to the driver sooner. A good set of tyres (preferably from reputable manufacturers) with healthy tread depth could contribute greatly towards avoiding such events too.

In short, always be aware of one’s surroundings, slow down when conditions take a turn for the worse, and when buying a new car, choose one with electronic stability control. It will help to catch a spiky situation before the driver gets caught out – with messy consequences, as the driver of the car in the video above found out the hard way.