It appears that the Malaysian automotive industry has bounced back from a sluggish February – according to vehicle sales data supplied by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), car sales in March were considerably higher than the month before.

In total, 53,717 units were registered last month, up 11,262 units or 26.5% from February 2017. What’s more, the figure is 4,929 units higher than in March 2016, resulting in an increase of 10%. Even better news is that year-to-date sales of 140,839 units is up 9,588 units or 7.3% from the same period last year – proof that the industry has seen a true resurgence from a dismal 2016.

The reason provided by the MAA for the strong showing is the longer working month compared to February, as well as a rush by the carmakers to deliver as many cars as possible, in order to help meet their targets for the financial year that ended on March 31. The association expects April sales to continue at the level set last month, due to the continuation of “aggressive promotional activities.”