Audi had previously released a few details about the next-generation A8, specifically focusing on the car’s skeleton called the Audi Space Frame (ASF). Used for both the standard- and long-wheelbase (A8L) versions of the A8, the platform uses a mix of different materials to provide a good balance of performance, as the company puts it.

To give the public a better understanding of where all that aluminium, steel, magnesium and carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) is applied to on the ASF, the German carmaker has released this video that takes you on a virtual tour of the A8’s “naked” body.

Aside from providing optimum rigidity and strength, the frame is said to provide the A8 with a more spacious cabin. Audi says the the standard wheelbase version offers 28 mm more knee room and 14 mm more headroom. The latter is thanks to the dimensions of the rear door cutouts, which are also 36 mm longer, making getting in and out of the car a comfortable affair.

The new A8 is meant to showcase a new direction in Audi’s design language, previewed by the prologue concept from 2014. Spyshots and sightings of prototype vehicles reveal that the A8 will adopt some cues from the show car, including a continuous taillight design, where the clusters are linked by a light bar between them.

Reports indicate that the fifth-generation A8 will make its first appearance on July 11, 2017 at the Audi Summit in Barcelona, Spain. The brand has already invested in a new body shop in Neckarsulm, Germany to prepare for the flagship’s arrival. No less than 14 different joining processes will be used during production of the A8, including roller hemming at the front and rear door cutouts, as well as a new development in remote laser welding.

GALLERY: Audi A8 (D5) Space Frame

GALLERY: Audi A8 (D5) prototype