Henrik Fisker has confirmed on his official Twitter page that the new EMotion will make its debut in August this year. The first product to come from his new setup – Fisker Inc – the upcoming electric vehicle (EV) is claimed to offer over 644 km of range on single charge.

In a separate tweet, Fisker dropped more details about the EV, which will utilise carbon-fibre and aluminium in its construction. This will allow it to have a structure that is 20% lighter than other cars in size, namely the Tesla Model S.

Meanwhile, on another social media posting (this time on Facebook), Fisker Inc states the EMotion will be capable of level six autonomous driving, which is one more than SAE International’s standard. The sixth level is unique to the EMotion, and when activated, “will allow Fisker EMotion to drive extra aggressive and push all other autonomous vehicles to the side,” as the company puts it.

“This will allow the Fisker EMotion owners to get quicker to work than any owner of any other autonomous vehicle,” concludes the Facebook post’s caption.

Business Insider also reports that the EMotion will have a top speed of 259 km/h, and will be built at VLF Automotive’s plant in Detroit, which is also where the Force 1 is made. That impressive all-electric range will be provided by new-age battery technology, which uses graphene supercapacitors instead of traditional lithium ion batteries.