All 94 toll plazas operated by PLUS Expressways – spanning from Juru, Penang to Skudai, Johor – commenced electronic operation from noon today, the highway operator announced.

“Starting today, no more cash payments will be accepted, and PLUS highway users are required to pay toll (charges) via the PLUSMiles card, Touch ‘n’ Go card, or SmartTag. This will contribute to smoother and faster toll transactions at toll plazas,” PLUS Malaysia MD Datuk Azman Ismail said.

The electronic toll collection (ETC) system is 300% quicker than the manual cash transaction system, according to PLUS. By its calculations, a SmartTag lane can handle up to 16 transactions a minute or 1,000 vehicles per hour while a Touch ‘n’ Go lane can manage 10 transactions a minute or 600 vehicles per hour, compared with the manual cash lane which can handle up to three transactions a minute, or 180 vehicles per hour.

Sales and top up lanes will be set up to enable the public to purchase electronic cards before entering the highway, according to Azman. Currently, there are more than 9,000 top-up locations across the country, including ATMs, petrol stations, 24-hour convenience stores and shopping centres, he added.

Also along the PLUS highway are over 50 locations at which users can top up their electronic cards free of surcharge. These include Petronas stations at 14 locations, Shell stations at 16 locations, BHP and Caltex stations, each with two locations, and one Petron station. Additionally, there are also 15 self-service kiosks along the PLUS highway, as well as three toll plazas with Touch ‘n’ Go top-up services.

Most may already know this, but PLUS reiterated that the MyKad can also be used for toll transactions along the highway. It functions just as a Touch ‘n’ Go card does, only requiring the user to have sufficient credit in the MyKad for the electronic toll transactions to be made.

User adoption of electronic payment methods currently stands at 92%, Azman said, though he added that he is confident that a 100% adoption rate will be reached very quickly.