Driving a car on a track is certainly an exciting experience but there are some lessons that should be heeded before you attempt to set a quick lap time. Thankfully, Colin Turkington, a BMW racing driver in the British Touring Car Championship, is on hand to explain some basic principles when it comes to track driving.

As part of a five-video series, the first focuses on the topics of understeer and oversteer. The former is when the car steers less than what is required by the driver, and could send a vehicle off the road. Meanwhile, oversteer is when the vehicle turns sharper than intended, which if not controlled, could cause the car to spin.

So, how do you deal with each scenario? As Turkington explains, in the both events, do not slam on the brakes! Instead, unwind the steering the steering lock and turn the car in the direction of travel again if the car is understeering.

On the other hand, if the car is oversteering, turn into the slide and point the front wheels in the direction you want to go. In the second video, viewers are given a brief introduction on how to maintain a controlled slide, something that should never be done on public roads.

Moving on, Turkington presents the topics of racing lines, smooth driving as well as how to execute the perfect launch off the line. The individual videos provide some handy tips, which may be of use to you next time you find yourself driving on a track. Safe driving.