Volkswagen has signed a joint declaration of intent with operators of compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations and gas networks towards the expansion of CNG mobility. The declaration of intent represents the signatories’ commitment towards increasing the total volume of CNG-fuelled vehicles in Europe to one million units by 2025, including those from other automakers.

In support of the projected growth, the initiative includes plans for the increase in the number of filling stations from 900 to 2,000, also by 2025. This is also in support of the objectives of the Round Table for Natural Gas Mobility, where representatives came from automakers, the gas industry, station operators, fleet operators and the public sector.

“Due to its purview, Volkswagen Group recognises its considerable social responsibilty with regards to the energy revolution. Its short-term availability makes natural gas an important component of our overall strategy for eco-friendly mobility of the future,” said Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, head of research and development at Volkswagen.

“Owing to the addition of methane from renewable resources, the propellant can gradually become even greener. This makes it an important constituent of the energy revolution in the transport sector in the long run, too,” Eichhorn added. Though Germany was the primary focus of this initiative, the move will also be propagated throughout Europe.