It appears that Volkswagen has faltered in the race for more gear ratios – Automotive News has reported that plans for a 10-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission are now firmly dead in the water.

“Two months ago, I had the prototype crushed,” Volkswagen’s head of powertrain development Friedrich Eichler told the publication at the Vienna Motor Symposium last month. “Of course, I saved all the data.”

The transmission was first announced at the 2013 edition of the symposium, with then-CEO Martin Winterkorn saying that the benefits of the DQ551 gearbox included “the extremely wide gear-ratio spread, the reduced rpm range and other improvements with regards to the gear-tooth system and friction.”

The following year, the company claimed that the transmission would be able to handle up to 550 Nm of torque, and would feature a coasting function and a new regenerative braking system. The 10-speed DSG was expected to be introduced on the facelifted Mk7 Volkswagen Golf GTI, GTD and R; instead, these models will get a new, high-efficiency seven-speed unit at some point to replace the current six-speeder.

We first got wind of issues regarding the new transmission as early as September 2015, with reports stating that its development was becoming very expensive and complex, making it impractical.

Eichler said that the gearbox was reflective of Wolfsburg’s “more” and “bigger is better” engineering approach of the past. The company is now focused on developing a range of I.D. electric vehicles to assert itself as a leader in electrified mobility in the wake of the diesel emissions cheating scandal, as well as growing its SUV lineup to an astounding 19 models by the end of the decade.