Despite sales of AMG-badged vehicles jumping by 44% last year from 2015 and total yearly volume nearly touching 100,000 units, AMG chief Tobias Moers says that there’s no danger of the brand losing its desirability and exclusivity, Autocar reports.

He believes there won’t be a tipping point at which point AMG models will lose their appeal with the buying crowd, and predicts that the growth this year will still be in the double digits. The company moved 98,235 AMG models last year.

“It’s all about the strategy. We have increased the number of 63 models and we can now exploit 43 models too. For some customers, the C 63 is a little too much, so they start with the C 43 and then move up to the 63 – which also gives us the chance to give even more focus to the 63 models,” he explained.

This sentiment was exchoed by Britta Seeger, who heads Mercedes-Benz Cars marketing and sales. “At the end of the day, I think opening the brand to more customer segments makes us more desirable. We are offering the A 43, which has fantastic driving performance for a driver not quite ready for a 63 model.”