Let’s face it – accidents happen. And just as we would like to give our children only the best, surely we would want them to have the best protection in the event of a crash, wouldn’t we? On the evidence of the number of children being killed on our roads, however, this reasoning seems to have fallen on deaf ears – particularly when you see that kids are still being left to run around unsecured in cars while on the move.

As such, we are kicking off a three-part video series on child safety seats, created in collaboration with Proton. We’ll be looking at why child seats are one of the most important items you can buy for your car, which one is the most suitable for your child and how to correctly install them in your vehicle. This video takes a deeper look into the first question.

It all boils down to basic facts. It doesn’t matter how cautiously you drive or how hard you try to avoid an accident; in no way, shape or form does that stop other road users from crashing into you. And a child’s shorter height and less developed body mean that a regular seat belt – designed specifically for adults, lest you forget – is incapable of adequately protecting them in a collision.


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Posted by Richardt Piek on Sunday, 14 December 2014

Neither are your arms, in case you were wondering – in a 50 km/h crash, an unsecured infant weighing 7 kg will be thrown forward at a force equivalent to an adult falling from a five-storey building, according to the Automotive Association of Malaysia (AAM). That’s where a child seat comes in, with a hard shell and a special safety harness to keep the little ones away from the brunt of the crash.

Watch these videos to learn more, and share them so that more people will be aware of the importance of child safety seats.

Proton is now offering a child safety seat worth RM1,000 at just RM299, with every purchase of a new Proton. The promotion is subject to stock availability and other terms and conditions.