In response to inquiries from customers on vehicle modification, Perodua has released an official statement to provide some clarity on the issue.

According to Perodua Sales managing director Datuk Dr Zahari Husin, vehicle owners who “perform any alteration to the vehicle via a third party” will result in their vehicle warranty being null and void. Keep in mind that this is standard practice for many car brands, as unwarranted modifications can result in unwanted liability.

Instead, he suggested that those who are looking to customise their Perodua vehicle should opt for current accessory items listed in its GearUp or Perodua accessories’ catalogues.

“Our well-trained and experienced aftersales team is also capable of evaluating whether your vehicle can support further upgrades in terms of your entertainment needs or other electronic requirements in a safe manner,” Zahari noted.

He adds that customer safety is paramount to Perodua, and discourages owners from installing any performance-modifying accessories such as bodykits, engines parts and electrical systems.