Despite making more comebacks than Rocky Balboa, American sportsbike manufacturer EBR Motorcycles – EBR standing for Erik Buell Racing – has apparently reached the end of the road. In an announcement on its web page, liqudator Liquid Asset Partners, which currently holds EBR Motorcycles under receivership, is putting everything up for sale and auction, including the brand name.

The liquidation sale and auction, which will be held at the EBR plant in the US on June 7 and 8, will see the entirety of the motorcycle maker’s assets up on the block. This includes production machinery, spare parts, complete motorcycles, tools and tooling, as well as office furniture.

Despite making some technologically interesting machines using a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine, notably its use of perimeter-mounted brake discs, EBR struggled to find dealers going into the 2017 sales year. This was after EBR went into liquidation under Liquid in 2016, with moves being made by the liquidator to negotiate contracts with suppliers and founder Erik Buell taking the role of chief technology officer.

EBR has had a long and troubled history, first as a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, where it was sold off in 2009, to an acrimonious relationship with investor Hero Motorcycles of India. Parties interested in the auction are required to lodge a bidding deposit of 100,000 USD (RM430,000) at least 24 hours before the auction date.