Despite all the turmoil and controversy attached to the name of Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta – Meccanica Verghera Agusta, Verghera being the town where MV Agusta originated – it cannot be denied the Varese-based firm designs some very beautiful machines which actually perform. Case in point is the MV Agusta RVS #1, a bespoke, made-to-order scrambler-styed machine which is built according to the owner’s tastes.

Built to order under MV Agusta’s RVS brand – Reparto Veicoli Speciali or Special Vehicle Department in English – the RVS #1 is the first of what is envisaged to be a very limited run of completely hand-assembled, special motorcycles. Each RVS motorcycle is designed in conjunction with the Castiglioni Research Centre (CRC), a new division created within MV Agusta expressly dedicated to the task of designing components for these works of performance motorcycle art.

Based on the three-cylinder power plant housed in machines such as the MV Agusta Brutale, Dragster and F3, the RVS #1’s engine puts out 150 hp, wrapped up in a package that weighs a claimed 160 kg. Complying with Euro 4 regulations, the RVS #1’s mill comes with specific engine and ride modes tailored to the customer.

The steel trellis frame is mated to new aviation grade aluminium side plates, with the RVS #1 logo milled into the plate surface. Titanium is used on the RVS #1 to enhance lightness and performance, with titanium plates inlaid in the fuel tank as well as a titanium full exhaust system designed in collaboration with SC-Project – for racetrack use only and included in the bike’s race kit.

CRC takes care of ancillary items such as the dashboard, foot-pegs, engine protectors and race-ready handlebars. Braking and clutch operation is looked after by Brembo, naturally, with the Brembo Monobloc calipers clamping Braking’s Sunstar Batfly brake discs.

The MV Agusta RVS #1 rolls on custom-machined Kineo spoke wheels, shod in Pirelli MT60 rubber. The adaptable front headlight uses an integrated inertial system lighting up individual LEDs based on the bike’s lean angle and speed to provide enhanced road illumination.

While MV Agusta has not released details about pricing for the RVS #1, providing instead a terse, “please consult with your local MV Agusta dealer” in reply, we can safely assume that any RVS vehicle will be, number one, very rare, and two, very expensive. With the RVS #1’s tagline of “one man, one bike”, you might want to get your order in now before the rush starts.