Sustaining a drift isn’t an easy feat, unless you’re South African motoring journalist Jesse Adams, who managed to get a Toyota 86 sideways for a distance of 165.04 km. With this amazing feat, he has potentially set a new Guinness World Record for the world’s longest drift in a motor vehicle.

We say potentially because the achievement has yet to be officially verified by Guinness, although Adams is confident that he will slide into the record books after drifting non-stop for five hours and 46 minutes. In total, he completed 1,000 laps of the circular skidpan at the Gerotek Test Facilities in Pretoria, South Africa, although 48 laps were disallowed, bringing the tally of officially completed laps to 952.

Aside from a custom long-distance fuel tank, the otherwise standard 86 managed to beat the previous record set German drifter Harald Muller in another 86 in 2014, by 20.914 km. Toyota used two VBOX GPS data loggers to record information during the attempt, with each lap averaging just 29 km/h and 21.8 seconds to complete.

According to Guinness World Record rules, a drift is performed when there is a speed differential between the driven wheels of the vehicle and its ground speed. Therefore, the driven wheels are not allowed to stop spinning at any time during the run, but a change of direction is permitted, as long as the driven wheels stay in motion.