Recently, photos of Perodua Myvi and Alza accident vehicles have been circulating on social media, implying that these mishaps were as a result of the cars’ rear axle detaching from the chassis without intervention, thus causing these accidents to happen.

Perodua has responded to clarify the matter, saying that the claims made in these posts are unfounded. Via a statement, it said that having manufactured over one million Myvis and hundreds of thousands of Alzas, it had not received any reports of axles coming off its cars whilst they were driven.

The automaker explained that while there had been cases where the rear axle was separated from the body, it was when high-impact collisions took place. In these cases, Perodua said it had contacted the owners of the vehicles in the postings directly to confirm that the detached axles were a result of an accident, and not the cause of the mishap itself.

Perodua added that it was disappointed that those involved in the distribution of these photos did not communicate with it to establish whether or not the context of the pictures were accurate. Below is the automaker’s official statement, in full: