In an effort to provide better aftersales service, Honda Malaysia (HM) has launched a two new 2S (service and spare parts) and body & paint (BP) centres in Melaka (Kah Motor) and in Penang (JM Motor Services).

The need for the new centres stem from the growing number of service intakes, where as of May 2017, HM is averaging over 100,000 service intakes nationwide every month.

According to the company, the Southern region recorded service intakes of 104,832 in the month of May, while the Northern region saw 95,605 service intakes. This represents an increase of 19% and 11%, respectively, compared to the same period in 2016.

Last year, total service intakes for HM recorded a year-on-year increase of 14% compared to in 2015, which the company attributes to its growth and increase in overall sales in the country.

“These two new 2S and body & paint centres in Melaka and Penang will be able to cater to our customers there, providing an aftersales location nearer to them. The move to open 2S and BP centres is part of our commitment to improve our service to customers, and to elevate the ‘Joy of Buying’ for them,” said Katsuto Hayashi, managing director and chief executive officer of HM.