While many photojournalists use a handheld camera as their preferred tool of choice, three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Barbara Davidson has decided to team up with Volvo to create a special collection of photographs.

At her disposal are the on-board safety cameras of the new XC60, which is integral to the operation of the Volvo City Safety system. Capturing life on the streets of the Danish capital, Copenhagen, Davidson capture around 30 photographs for the collection for a fresh new perspective with her unique apparatus.

Her work will be first exhibited at the Canvas Studios gallery in London’s Shoreditch this week, before the exhibition travels to other countries during 2017. “The collection does two things. Firstly it is a snapshot of European city life in all its glory; secondly it also highlights the complex environments that we live in,” said Davidson.

“It is thanks to the cameras and other on-board sensors that cars like the Volvo XC60 make modern city life safer for pedestrians and other road users. With this project we connect art and safety for people to see the benefits of this technology,” she continued.

Her decision to work with Volvo stems from her own history with the brand, where as a teenager, Davidson was involved in a serious road accident where the car flipped over. Thankfully, Davidson survived because the car she was traveling in was a Volvo, something that may not have occurred in normal circumstances, she claimed.

The company also released a separate video with Daniel Backlund, who is part of Volvo’s sensor safety team, giving us some insight into the brand’s City Safety system. In it, he explains how the system (standard on all Volvos since 2008), perceives and “sees” the environment around it, reacting to different situations accordingly.

“We take a realistic and practical approach to safety at Volvo Cars. Our vision is to reach a point in time where no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car. We call it Vision 2020,” said Malin Ekholm, vice president of Volvo Cars Safety Centre.