US number plates on sale in Malaysia: US 1 to US 1000

Yet another special number plate series is now available for Malaysian vehicles – ‘US’ is the latest to join ‘SMS‘, ‘RIMAU‘, ‘PERFECT’, ‘NAAM’, ‘VIP’ as well as ‘GT’ from 2016 and the ‘PATRIOT’ plate from 2015 on the unique plates list.

The alphabets in the plate series isn’t the shortened form of United States, but Untuk Seniman, and is brought about by the Malaysian Artistes Association (Seniman). Unlike the normal number plate series, which is available from 1 to 9999, the US plate will only run from US 1 to US 1000. As usual, the plates will be issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Seniman president Zed Zaidi said that the proceeds gained from the project will raise funds to help artists under the association. He added that bidding is open to the public from this coming Saturday, and the tender will close on August 20, with successful bidders being able to register their number as early as October 1, pending approval from JPJ.

US number plates on sale in Malaysia: US 1 to US 1000

Apparently, reserve prices have been listed for the series – US 1 is the priciest, at RM500,000, followed by the other single digits (two to nine) at RM250,000. Double numbers (12 to 98) start from RM25,000, with the exception of US 10, which is priced at RM100,000. Gold double numbers (for example, 22, 55, 77 etc) are priced at RM50,000.

Regular triple numbers to 999 start from RM3,000, except for gold triples (111, 333, 666 etc), which like the double doubles go for RM50,000. Some special triple numbers (101, 515, 767, 808 etc) are priced at RM5,000, and the last number in the series, US 1000 has a reserve price of RM10,000. Reserve prices being a suggestion, one wonders how much the US 4 plate will eventually go for.