Another special number plate series will soon hit the roads. After ‘PERFECT’, ‘NAAM’, ‘VIP’, and ‘GT’ from last year (and the ‘PATRIOT’ plates from 2015), Malaysians looking for unique plates will be able to bid for RIMAU 1 to RIMAU 9999.

What’s RIMAU about? Malaysia will be hosting the 2017 SEA Games for the ASEAN region this year, and RIMAU is the name of the games’ Malayan Tiger mascot. RIMAU stands for Respect, Integrity, Move, Attitude and Unity. The SEA Games commemorative number plates are being released by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) via the Road Transport Department (JPJ).

According to the “RIMAU PLAT” Facebook page set up to promote the special plate series, e-bidding for numbers will open in March. Our source from JPJ has confirmed the authenticity of the RIMAU plate series, which is legit. Tiger number plates anyone?