Ariel has finally revealed a bevy of details about its upcoming ultra-high performance, range extended, electric sports car project – HIPERCAR. Keep in mind that ‘HIPERCAR isn’t the car’s actual name as an official one has yet to be decided upon.

The car will only make its full public debut in 2019, with production slated to begin in 2020 alongside existing models like the Atom, Nomad and Ace. Project HIPERCAR is undertaken by Ariel together with its partners Equipmake and Delta Motorsport, where phase one involves developing the car’s two powertrains that will be shown at Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Show September 6-7, 2017.

Yes, the unnamed electric sports car will be available in two- and four-wheel drive, the latter being the most powerful configuration. Powered wheels are driven by inboard electric motors via integral, single speed step-down gearboxes direct to driven wheels, and each individual motor develops 295 hp (220 kW) and 450 Nm of torque.

In four-wheel drive form, total output is rated at 1,180 hp and 1,800 Nm of torque, while it is 590 hp and 900 Nm for the two-wheel drive. Performance wise, the four-wheel drive version is claimed to accomplish the 0-100 km/h sprint in 2.4 seconds, 0-161 km/h in 3.8 seconds and 0-241 km/h in 7.8 seconds, with top speed of 257 km/h.

Supplying power to the batteries is a 750-volt, lithium-ion, cooled battery pack that comes in 42 kWh and 56 kWh capacities. As reported earlier, the car will feature a 35-kW micro-turbine range extender to quell any range anxiety issues and making the vehicle independent of any charging infrastructure.

Additionally, the car’s electrical architecture consists of high and low voltage systems linked by multiple CAN networks enabling the Powertrain Controller, Vehicle Dynamic Control Interface and Battery Controller to communicate and interact with 12-volt and safety systems.

The car will be built on an aluminium folded and bonded lightweight chassis with full rollover protection. The structure will also feature aluminium front and rear subframes with aluminium wishbones and outboard adjustable suspension. Forged or carbon composite wheels will also be part of the setup, with 20-inch units at the front (with 265/35 tyres), and 21-inch ones at the rear (with 325/30 tyres).

The sketches shown here aren’t representative of the car’s final design, as that will only be released at a later date. No word on the car’s body, but it will likely be made out of carbon-fibre to keep the weight down.

Similarly, pricing will be announced at a later date. “Like other Ariels we want HIPERCAR to represent excellent value for money for the remarkable performance on offer. It will be an expensive car because of the technology involved but when compared to one million pound plus supercars, which it will outperform, it’s going to represent excellent value for money. This is the first true electric supercar that will cross continents, drive to town and lap a race track,” said Simon Saunders, the founder of the Ariel Motor Company.