Uber users in Hong Kong are now forking out more per journey, the ride-sharing provider having upped fares earlier this week. The company attributed the price hikes to “an evaluation of the marketplace,” it said in a statement.

A booking fee of HK$5 (RM2.74) will now apply to all Uber rides and go towards covering administrative costs, while the minimum UberX fare (excluding booking fee) will be increased to HK$40 (RM21.93), from HK$25 (RM13.70) in Kowloon and New Territories regions and HK$30 (RM16.45) on Hong Kong Island.

As for UberBLACK and seven-seater rides, these also see price hikes, with minimum fare raised from HK$50 (RM27.40) to HK$60 (RM32.88). UberASSIST fares see an increase by the same margin as UberX, growing from HK$25 (RM13.70) and HK$30 (RM16.45) to HK$40 (RM21.93).

Beyond the price hike implications, the ride-sharing service is not considered legal in Hong Kong, and has been facing a tough time from local authorities and the taxi association.

On the Malaysian front, amendments to the Land Transport Act 2010 and the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987 opened the path towards legalising ride-sharing services in the country, and are expected to be gazetted in October.