Over in the Philippines, Uber will have to pay a penalty of 190 million pesos (RM15.8 million) to lift a one-month suspension imposed by the country’s Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). The month-long ban began on August 14.

The suspension was imposed on the ride-sharing provider for disregarding a directive to stop accepting new driver applications, Reuters reports. Uber, which said it did not process those applications, told the regulator it could pay a fine of 10 million pesos (RM835,000) to get the suspension lifted.

The LTFRB also said that Uber also needed to collectively pay its drivers nearly 20 million pesos (RM1.67 million) daily as financial assistance during the suspension period. The ride-sharing provider has nearly 67,000 drivers in the country.

The regulator explained that the penalty had taken into consideration the number of days that (Uber) should be suspended in relation to the daily average income, as well as the remaining duration of the suspension period.

The dispute with the regulator has been a setback for Uber and has attracted public attention because many Philippine commuters consider the ride-sharing service to be more reliable and competitive than mainstream transport services. The suspension caused a spike in demand for its rival, Grab, and disgruntlement about reverting to using regular taxis.