Continental Tyre Malaysia (CTM) today introduced its latest Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyre, the Continental MaxContact MC6. It slots above the CC6 and UC6 and becomes the third product to occupy the Generation 6 product range. It’s designed to suit Malaysian roads and goes directly against the Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

The MC6 is said to improve on overall performance thanks to the incorporation of latest German tyre technologies, such as the new asymmetric tread and rib pattern, noise breakers in the form of nubs along the grooves and chamfered longitudinal edges. These enhance grip, wet and dry braking, wall flexion during cornering and reduce tyre roar for a more comfortable journey.

The outer section of the tyre also gets stabiliser bars (Continental calls them shoulder blocks) around its circumference. This adds stiffness and limits lateral movements for better high-speed cornering grip. In fact, all MC6 tyres are “AA” rated for traction, regardless of size.

Mixed within the tyre compound is what Continental calls Chevron Grip Element, which evenly distributes pressure to the inside of the tyre for better braking performance and wet handling. According to CTM, the MC6 is specifically designed to maximise rubber-to-road contact, becoming more rigid at higher speeds for maximum grip yet remain flexible enough to be comfortable at lower speeds.

“With the cutting edge technology, we are looking to create a competitive presence in the tyre industry catered for sporty drivers. We are also proud to announce that the MaxContact MC6 will be locally manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Alor Setar,” said Cameron Wilson, managing director of CTM.

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Compared to the older MC5, the company’s in-house tests show that the MC6 improves on its predecessor in nearly all key aspects as a UHP tyre, especially dry handling and wet braking. Only noise levels, comfort and tread wear remain the same as before.

The MaxContact MC6 is available for sale at all authorised Continental dealerships across Malaysia, with varying sizes from 16 to 20 inches. Currently, only selected sizes are being rolled out, but the full range will be available by February 2018. Prices range from RM350 to over RM1,000 depending on sizes.