As you’d know by now, the great Evo nameplate is making a comeback, although not quite in the manner we’d desired. It’s going to be a crossover of sorts, possibly sharing the same platform as the Eclipse Cross. There’s an electric twist to things though, because the e-Evolution Concept will preview Mitsubishi’s latest zero emissions tech as well as – wait for it – an artificial intelligence (AI) system.

Propulsion comes from a set of three high torque, high-performance electric motors, called triple motor 4WD. As the name suggests, all four wheels will be electrically driven; a single motor drives the front wheels while the remaining two (which is coupled through an electronically controlled torque-vectoring unit) power the rear. Mitsubishi claims that the system will always provide “crisp and nimble handling” under all driving conditions, mirroring driver’s intent. That’s a bold claim, but hey, it can’t be an Evo otherwise, right?

Next, the AI system evaluates drivers’ skill level and subsequently tailors an instructional “driving programme.” These pointers are then audibly narrated or visually fed through a large display on the dashboard. Apparently, it works across the scale, without any regard to skill level, so both the experienced and less experienced drivers will get their respective set of instructions. The AI also helps read traffic and road conditions, then factors the driver’s ability to better handle the vehicle.

One of the AI’s main features is voice recognition tech. This identifies individuals, learns their behaviours and speech then provides a range of services that best match their taste and needs. It’s worryingly ambiguous at this point, but you can also verbally instruct the system to manage air-conditioning, headlights, wipers or even read out vehicle status.

Some of these features – jointly developed by CAPIO and Ichibel – will be demonstrated at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Another connected car demo using Amazon Echo with Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Home will show how smart speakers can be used to control the car. Through this smart speaker system, individuals can control the car’s headlamps, air-con temperature and lock/unlock doors.

The e-Evolution Concept will be among 12 new Mitsubishi models to be on display when the Show kicks off on October 25.

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