The all-new, fourth-generation Chevrolet Silverado has been previewed for the first time at the Texas Motor Speedway, ahead of its Detroit debut next month. It is by far GM’s best-selling model and is “poised to change, really change, the face of trucks again,” says Alan Batey, president of GM’s North America operations.

According to Automotive News, Batey says the new Silverado, which appears here in the new rugged Trailboss trim, will offer a wider variation of engine and transmission combinations. No details have been put forth thus far, but it’s worth noting that the previous-generation model comes with five petrol engines (one V6 and four V8s) and one diesel engine (the sole 6.6L Duramax V8). A choice of six-speed auto or eight-speed auto transmissions can be had, depending on the model.

The report also states that the Silverado will be fitted with additional technology and convenience features as well, but again, nothing has been specified. One thing is clear though, General Motors (GM) says that the new Silverado will have a “significant reduction in total weight.” The outgoing model currently weighs between 2,130 kg for the Single Cab to 2,404 kg for the Crew Cab body style.

Interestingly, the report also states that GM may eventually introduce a pick-up bed that’s made of carbon-fibre. Its body will incorporate use of a “stronger, roll-formed steel alloy for the bed and floor, contributing to a cargo box that is both lighter and even more functional than ever before.”

As for this Silverado Trailboss, it wears some off-road items from the Z71 package, including a suspension lift system which raises ride height by up to 50.8 mm. Chevrolet says this has been fully tested and validated, and it even comes with manufacturer’s warranty, so customers need not resort to aftermarket solutions.

GM’s chief engineer, Eric Stanczak says some of the improvements that will go into its next-generation pick-up trucks are based on owners’ recommendations and feedback. “We spend a ton of time listening to our customers, doing market research and taking that feedback and rolling it into the vehicle,” he explains to the publication prior to the unveiling.

“If we are limited in terms of what we can update on the current architecture, we’re almost always putting those new features the customer’s asked for, or that new capability, or that improvement, into the next-generation,” he adds.

The new Silverado and its GMC Sierra counterpart represent the biggest product program ever undertaken by GM, analysts say. Nearly USD $3 billion (RM12.25 billion) is being spent to upgrade factories in Michigan, Indiana and Mexico to build the next-generation duo.