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Koenigsegg is celebrating reaching a million followers on Instagram with a new video that focuses on the Regera, specifically as it underwent crash testing and other forms of torture.

In the short clip, we see several samples of the car being smashed into and from many angles, much to highlight the car’s strong carbon-fibre construction. Later on, the “tests” literally involves a hammer being struck at various parts of car, again without much damage resulting from it.

Those fancy dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors also get slammed to ensure they can stand up to the abuse of owners. On-road tests also account for driver carelessness, where should the driver ever try to clear a curb or pothole at speed in the Regera, the car isn’t completely ruined. There’s even a test where the Regera runs into a reasonably-sized obstacle, resulting in some frontal damage, but otherwise continues going.

All these efforts were done to ensure the 80 units of the Regera that will be made are of the highest safety and durability standards. An important aspect, considering the performance capabilities of the Regera, which can hit 0-300 km/h in just 10.9 seconds.