After making inroads into the Sri Lankan market a few years previously, as well as Indonesia and the Philippines, Sarawak motorcycle assembler DNC Asiatic has signed an agreement with Asian Comfort Investment to promote and sell Demak motorcycles in Cambodia. Valued at USD 50 million (RM200 million), the agreement will see some 30 models from across the Demak range entering the Cambodian market.

It is projected that 25,000 Demak motorcycles, scooters and utility vehicles of various types will be exported to Cambodia in 2018. Comprising of scooters and underbone motorcycles, as well as commercial and utility three- and four-wheelers, Demak produces products that are targeted towards the budget-conscious rider, small businesses and delivery services.

The agreement was signed between Hu Ying, executive director of DNC Asiatic, and Sukhombith, country director of Asian Comfort Investment. Witnesses to the signing ceremony were the representative of the Cambodian Ambassador to Malaysia, HE Rath Many, ICSMEE Malaysia chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Mamat and director for ASEAN MATRADE YM Raja Badrul.