When the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell was revealed at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, it was suggested that many of the revisions to the interior would make its way to the facelifted GLC, and possibly the C-Class as well.

Those suspicions appear to have been confirmed, according to these spyshots of a GLC test mule. While the overall layout of the dashboard is unchanged, there are quite a number of new items that are present.

For starters, there’s a much larger display for the car’s infotainment system, likely measuring 10.25 inches as it does in the GLC F-Cell. It isn’t known if there is touchscreen support, but a new touchpad on the centre console will be one of the means of interfacing with the system, along with touch-sensitive buttons on the steering wheel.

On that mention, the steering wheel is also of a new design here, and has more in common with the one found in the all-new G-Class. There also appears to be a digital instrument display in place of the conventional analogue dials, which could be a 12.3-inch unit like in the GLC F-Cell. Another tweak is a new push-start button that looks like the one you’ll find in the W213 E-Class.

As for the exterior, there doesn’t appear to be any significant changes on this prototype, which looks to be the base trim level. Expect more changes to be implemented as development continues.

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