With the deadline for the implementation of RON 95 Euro 4M coming soon in October 2018, Petron Malaysia is ready for the roll-out of the fuel, upon mandate by the government. Speaking to paultan.org during the Fuel Happy Petron Blaze RON100 media test ride to Penang, sources inside Petron Malaysia said this is not a new thing, and is an industry-wide readiness status.

This also includes the roll-out for B10 bio-diesel, should the government give the green light for it to be included in forecourt fuel sales throughout the nation. In the case of the changeover for RON 95 to Euro 4M standard, roll-out will most likely happen in phases, with out of town stations posting slower sales getting the fuel about three to four months ahead of urban stations with faster tank turnover.

The announcement that RON 95 fuel in Malaysia was to be switched over to the Euro 4M standard this year was made in 2015. Diesel in Malaysia is regulated to Euro 2M and Euro 5 standard, both in B7, with only Euro 2M diesel to move to B10, while RON 100 is currently not regulated.